1985 BMW 7 Series

Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present an absolute beautiful piece of classic luxury. Before you here is a 1985 BMW 735i. Everyone knows even if you are not a BMW person the the 7 series has always been their flagship car. This is one of the finest examples that we have seen of this vintage BMW in a very long time. Everything on this car is 100% lock, stock, and barrel original. You look at this paint, and you would swear that it was just painted, but that is how well this car has been maintained. It has always been garage kept and believe us it shows. The body lines are absolutely stunning on this car. Yes, we know that it is 30 years old, but personally, I like the lines of this car better than a brand new 7 series. This one has style and class that the new ones just do not represent. Sure, the new ones are a lot more refined to the point that they almost drive themselves. With this car you still get all of the luxury that BMW offers, but the feel of really driving a car at the same time. It truly just has to be seen to be believed.

Now, just open the door to this beautiful time capsule and you are going to see one of the most comfortable, and supple, and original leather interiors that you have seen on a 30 year old car in a very long time. We all know what happens to leather after years, and years of use, and sometimes abuse, but this car has been that well maintained. Front seat or back seat, these are extremely comfortable seats. There are no cracks or tears in them. The front seats fit you like a glove and let you know right away that yes, you are in a luxury car, but you are in a drivers luxury car. All of the gauges work as they should. All of the power seats work precisely, as well as all of the power windows, mirrors, and sunroof. The rear window shade is even in perfect condition to help keep that summer sun and heat out of your car. We just can not say enough about how nice this car is.

Now, for a lot of what BMW has been known for, and that is what is under the hood. The straight 6 engine has been under their hoods for decades with variations still being used in BMW's to this day. It has been nick named by some the "top engine of the 20th century." BMW used variations of this motor for a good 28 years. This one here still has all of the power that you are looking for. It doesn't leak or smoke and still fires up just like it should every time. You throw this baby in drive and get ready to have some fun. Sure, it isn't the horsepower monster of today's motors, but for the day it was plenty of horsepower. Again, this is really a drivers BMW. Even though you have a very nice suspension for the day, and all of the luxury amenities, you can still "feel" this car when you lay it in to a turn, or put your foot down to pass someone next to you. BMW says that they are the "ultimate driving machine" and for this car we would tend to agree.

Come on by and see everyone at Just Toys Classic Cars today. We offer classic car financing should you want to take advantage of the option. It gives you a great way to get the car of your dreams and not have to pull all of the cash out at once. They have great rates and terms. Plus you can pay it off when you want to without any prepayment penalties. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


Engine Type
Engine Size
3.4L I6
Fuel Specification


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7 Series


Interior Color
Light Saddle
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Center Console
Engine Size
3.4L I6
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Automatic 4-Speed

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