1977 MG MGB

Ton of Fun For Little $$$$$$

Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present a very cool, and very fun car to drive. Before you is a 1977 MGB that is set up to run rally cross SCCA events, or even do some track days like at Sebring International Speedway, or Road Atlanta and places like that. We absolutely love these little British cars. They are a ton of fun to drive are about a lot more than raw horsepower. These are a 12 on a fun factor scale of 1-10. Now remember what this car is. It is set up to do rally cross and track day events. The fit and finish is not going to be that of a 6 figure car nor should it be. That being said, this one is in great shape and is very solid. This one just grabs your attention and makes you want to throw on a helmet and hit the track.

Normally, there is a lot to brag about on the interior, but as we mentioned, this is an affordable race car. There is not much interior to speak of. The original dash is still in the car and the gauges work. You will see the roll bar that has been mounted in the car, and the race seat with 5 point harness attached. The steering wheel is removable as you will see in the pics to make it easier to get in and out of the car. Especially if you are over 6 foot like some of us here. You will see the master cut off switch on the dash. This is a functional switch so if things get a little harry with your aggressive driving, you or the safety workers can reach in there and shut all of the power off to your car. There is no passenger seat. However, you could add one should you choose to.
Now, let's talk about what is under the hood shall we. This motor and transmission are from a 1979 MGB. It has been upgraded with an upgraded header, carb, and the head has been worked over. This gets you about 120 HP. I hear all of you laughing out there, but again, this car is fun to drive. You are in an open cockpit car, that is very close to the ground. It is like a street legal go cart. This is mated to a 4 speed manual transmission and out to a stock rear end. You have power disc brakes up front and drums in the rear. You could upgrade to all disc if you wanted to, but since 80% of your braking is done up front anyway, the front disc are the most important.

This car is ready to rock and roll. The battery is located in the trunk as is the 5 gallon fuel cell. This car is set up and ready to go. There are not many opportunities for people to get in to racing on a budget, but this is one of those opportunities. The street legal tires on this car match at all four corners. We know that there is one wheel that doesn't match, and again, it is a race car, it doesn't have to. Get your set of slicks or road coarse "street legal" tires to put on this car and get all the grip that you can throw at it. This is just one fun car to drive that you will have the ear to ear grin on your face under your helmet as you throw her in to the turns.

We offer classic car financing for those that would like to take advantage of the option. They offer great rates and terms with as little as 10% down. This way you can get the car of your dreams and you don't have to spend all of your cash at once. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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