1951 Ford F1

Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present a great piece of Ford history in this 1951 Ford F1 Pick up Truck. It was a new era in America. The war was over, the baby boomer generation was starting to be in full sing. There was a new renewed hope in the country and businesses had a new renewed hope for their manufacturing, and the Ford Motor Company was no different. For the first time after the war, Ford was producing real truck chassis for a stronger and more rigid truck. The trucks pre war were just Model A's made in to trucks. That worked for a time, but as demands for trucks to do more grew, Ford and other manufacturers had to respond to the demand. The Ford F1 was and iconic truck then and it still is to this day. This example that we have here makes you really appreciate why people loved these trucks then and why they still continue to today.

You grab the door handle and hop up on the bench seat, put your hands on the wheel, and you instantly feel like you are transported back to 1951 and this is your new truck. Give the motor a little prime with the button on the dash and turn the key to fire up the flat head V8 under the hood. This truck runs as smooth as silk right from the first hit. Reach over and pull the shift lever down in to first gear, ease off the clutch and you are gone. These trucks were not speed demons, but you won't get run over on main roads either. These trucks were for working back in the day, and they are for show today.

The black paint on this beautiful truck is a modern Ford color that actually has a little metal flake in it, but it is classy, and not over the top at all. The wood in this bed is not a kit, it isn't from a 1-800 catalogue. The wood planks in this bed are from a very special tree from the owners deceased fathers farm. We share that because that is what makes this hobby of classic cars and muscle cars so special. We put our heart and soul in to these machines. Some people just look at these as A-B transportation, and that's fine. Not everybody can be a car girl or guy, but you have to appreciate the passion that goes in to these cars.

The undercarriage of this truck as you will see in the pic are just driver quality. This is not a fresh frame off restoration that would allow you to eat off the truck from any angle, but what this is, is a great truck that you could drive anywhere, and get great thumbs up and compliments anywhere that you go. This is one of those vehicles that just makes you feel good every time you get in it and go have some fun. Because we all know, if you aren't having fun, then what is the point anyway.

Come on down and speak with your trusted classic, antique, muscle, and performance car advisors today and let us show you what we mean about this truck and take it home today. We offer classic car financing for those that are interested in the option. We look forward to meeting you soon and making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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