Mike Smith                                                                                                           



Mike has been in the car business since                                                              

1978.  He absolutely loves being surrounded                                                     

by classic cars.  Mike is a N.Y. Times Best                                                            

Selling Contributing Author & Public Speaker.                                                       

Let his years of experience assist you in consigning                                      

your vehicle or purchase your next classic car.                                                     




J.R. Smith


J.R. has been around classic cars since he

could reach a door handle.  Growing up in

the midwest surrounded by car guys that worked

at the Corvette, Chevrolet, Ford, or Chrysler plants.

He was around guys that could hand pin stripe

a car before they knew what reality t.v. was.

With all of his experience, let him assist you in

consigning your car or help you with the purchase of

your next ride.