Crosley Electronic Juke Box

Crosley Electronic Juke Box

Welcome to the Juke Box of the 21st Century. This Crosley Juke box may look old, but it is totally up to date. Yes it was the great players of old that played your favorite 45's that got us to this point, but these play anything that you want. It is AM/FM with a single CD player, it plays off your blue tooth, and you can if you wish, hook up a CD changer behind it. This Juke box sounds just awesome, so whether you want to hear your favorite Beach Boys tunes, or some old blue eyes Frank Sinatra, or even some Bob Marley for those really fun parties, you can hear it all crystal clear in your new Crosley Juke Box. The colors change and you can speed them up or slow them down, or just keep it on your favorite color. You can also keep it on a white strobe for that night club affect. There a a ton of ways to have fun with this Juke Box. For the price listed it comes with the stand that has the drawer in it as seen in the pictures. We can get you shipping quotes to anywhere in the lower 48. Any international shipping you will have to get your own quote and we can get you the dimensions of the box. Order today and be playing your favorite tunes in no time flat. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.

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Crosley Electronic Juke Box Crosley Electronic Juke Box Crosley Electronic Juke Box Crosley Electronic Juke Box Crosley Electronic Juke Box